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The Hive is Live! With Video!

Well all, it’s bee-day! The hive is installed and up they’re all settling in to their new home!

It was a beautiful day – warm and sunny. The bees arrived at my local post office and I was able to get over there in the early afternoon to begin getting them home.

Here is the actual installation video!

(I recommend you watch in HD)

I read a very interesting post over on the forums at regarding dusting the bees with powdered sugar even before installing them – make sense and so I gave it a shot. The idea is to have them clean themselves a bit while whey are still in the crate so any mites will be loosened up and drop off right out of the gate.

Mrs Beekeeper took some great shots of the ‘pre-install’ work and the actual loading – I turned a collection of her pics into a photo montage here:


As a new hive installation is a pretty big event, I’m going to create a separate page here on the site dedicated to this – hopefully any info I post there will be of use for other new beekeepers in the future – and easier to find.

Was a great install and all went well  – actually Mrs Beekeeper saved my butt while I was installing the queen by remembering that I hadn’t removed the queen’s cage cork plug. 🙂 You can see and hear that happen in the install video.

Enjoy!!  If you like (or even don’t like) what you see, please comment and let me know!



(As always, you can click on the images for full size photos. )

5 comments to The Hive is Live! With Video!

  • Paul

    Wow, crazy video. I have a completely irrational and intense fear of bees ever since running through a carpenter bee hive at age 3 and having to be rescued, bleeding, by my father. Nowadays I can’t be within 8 feet of a single bee of any type, let alone that! But local honey is awesome, I hope it goes well for you.

  • Hi!

    Thank you for the video. Love the thought bubble. Can you tell me what the round openings are on the part above the main body?

    Thank you!


    • Thanks! Glad you liked it – the round openings are in a thin box that is below the top feeder. I had it on there to help install the bees and then left it on there while I’m feeding – its used for air circulation / temperature control in the heat of summer and moisture control in the winter. The holes go right thru the side boards and have screens on the inside of the hole, to prevent robbing by neighbor bees.

      • Thanks Will. I don’t have bees yet, but have heard that cross drafts in the hive can make it difficult for them to keep warm. Just something to consider come winter. Enjoying your blog!

        • Oh, I agree – I’m not planning on using the vent in the full winter out here – it gets pretty cold out here, and I’m actually only going to put the vent on the hive till early fall. good point though!

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