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Hive Stand picture and 1 day till bee-day.

Here is a quick photo from the workshop of the hive stand I mentioned on the podcast. It’s not too pretty, but it will serve it’s purpose. (click on the photo for full view)

I cobbled it together from some scrap 2x4s, primed and painted it. This photo was from between the priming and the […]

Hive bodies ready to go. 14 days to B-day

I applied an oil based primer and two coats of exterior paint to the outsides of the hive bodies, bottom board and my top feeder. No paint goes on the inside where the bees would be coming into contact with the surfaces.

I went with a light color – slightly tan rather than white. I […]

First hive body done!

Just a quick post from the workshop- much more to follow once I get the photos from the camera and all, but I just wanted to post one from here. I’m thinking of trying some video when I build the next one. Stay tuned!


First brood box done


Many many parts..

I’m preparing to construct the hive. I’ve gone with a traditional hive body – full wooden construction. I purchased my set of frames and hive body parts from Walter T. Kelly and am building and assembling the frames myself. I held off on building any of the boxes or the stand until I received the […]