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The Suburban Beekeeper Podcast
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Quick hive supers update – a quick peek.

Hey all- a quick ‘peek’ over the weekend.

I checked on the super over the weekend- not much build-out going on up there yet. I have the queen excluder on there and we’ll see how that goes over the next few weeks. I had about a dozen or so bees in the super when I […]

First honey super on!

Howdy all! I added the first honey super today. I rushed to build one quickly and get the frames together, so I don’t have any pics of the construction (I knew I had to get this super on asap) – I will take pics and vid of the second one as I build it so […]

Fourth hive inspection HD video – all ready!

Here it is! The second hive body surprised me with it’s progress. FOTB Greg and Mrs. Beekeeper were on hand to film and photograph. I just finished the video edits – I hope you enjoy experiencing the visit with the bees!

Here is a link to the video in HD quality.

I was pretty […]

Hive inspection done- wow! Second hive body looks great.

Hello all. Left the bees to themselves for two weeks and wow, what progress! Video needs to be processed yet but I think you’ll be surprised! Great progress in the foundation buildout. The top hive body is 80 percent built out. I can’t wait till you all see the video!


New hive inspection video – and new poll!

Hello all! Yesterday was a great day – warm and sunny. Had a great visit with the bees. Lots of activity and yes, many more bees are in the hive now. FOTB Greg was there to capture the action as we did a full hive inspection frame by frame. Mellie makes an appearance, as well […]

Second Hive Visit – Video posted.

Here’s the video I promised – would have been up sooner but youtube now rejects video beyond 10 minutes. Since the video I uploaded yesterday was a bit long as it was a two-parter (including my explanation of my lil mistake) it was rejected so I had to do editing this morning to clip it […]

Hive visit photos – brood and queen spotted! Great pix.

Here are the pictures I promised in the podcast – some great shots by Mrs Beekeeper of the hive’s progress. (She does great work, doesn’t she?) If you click on the thumbnail, you get to see the full sized version of the picture. One of these is now my wallpaper on my computer- they really […]

New Podcast- Hive update and lifecycle of the honeybee.

I just uploaded a new episode of the podcast – we’re up to episode three! I give a quick hive update and discuss the life and times of the honey bee.. the ‘jobs’ she takes on from birth to the end of her life. Use the podcast box to the right to subscribe to the […]

First quick hive inspection – with video.

Hi there! First visit to the hive after the bees were installed – they seems to be making a nice happy home! I pulled the frame next to where the queen cage was attached – they had created a sizable free standing comb on there! You can get a great look at it in the […]

The Hive is Live! With Video!

Well all, it’s bee-day! The hive is installed and up they’re all settling in to their new home!

It was a beautiful day – warm and sunny. The bees arrived at my local post office and I was able to get over there in the early afternoon to begin getting them home.

Here is the […]