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Renewed commitment and a hive update

Hi all!

I have to thank all of you that wrote in, posted or left feedback. You all were great- with insights and solidarity.

I’ve recommitted myself to getting ‘back on the saddle’ and am back to stay. 🙂

Since I’ve written last, I installed a new package of bees after doing a full clean out of the hive. It was a very rainy week when the package arrived, so (much to Mrs. Beekeeper’s skeptical eyes) I kept the package in the basement for three days. I mixed up a 50/50 mix of sugar water and sprayed them down morning and evening to keep them fed until the weather broke long enough to install. Unfortunately FOTB Greg was unavailable to film the install but we did take a good bit of pics- those will follow soon.

(I promised documentation of the post mortem on the hive and Mrs Beekeeper and I did document frame by frame the breakdown of the hive.. I will post them at some later date. )

For now, the excitement is the new hive! I went back out two days later to ensure the queen was released from her lil cage and she was- even spotted her walking around on the frame.

I put the top feeder on and all is going well so far. Will post pics soon!

Back for good,


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