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A winter visit- pics and update

Hi folks! I took a walk out to the hive after we had (more) snow out here on the East coast. The landing board had a nice layer of snow on there and I was pleasantly surprised that the bees had shoveled their walk! 🙂

Here is a close up.

I saw some girls that didn’t make it thru the winter though 🙁

How is everyone’s hives or plans to set up their hives coming? Let me know!
I’m sorry that the podcast has been on hiatus, but life attacked me from a few sides for a while.

Bee good!


Honey (no, not money) laundering??

The Lovely LadiesHello folks! I hope your hives are snug out there. I have a few inches of snow on the roof of the hive out back and am hoping the bees are staying warm. The photo to the right isn’t my hive, but maybe I can talk Mrs Beekeeper into taking a new pic of the hive out back. 🙂

Mrs Beekeeper sent over this link to share with all of you. Looks very disturbing. Best reasons yet for buying your honey locally from a local beekeeper!

Read this story that discusses the dark side of where the honey on most shelves comes from.

Warm regards,


Cloud over recent findings on CCD – possible conflict of interest in research?

My Work

First, I want to thank Dave – a reader here at – for pointing this out. He posted a comment on the original article recommending that we all read two additional sources regarding this recent story – that of the potential ‘one-two punch’ of fungal and viral sources of CCD.  I’ve read the sources he posted and want to highlight his information with this post.

I believe his point (and that of the article on is valid. There seems to be enough of a potential conflict of interest to cast doubt on the single source cause of CCD and, as I’ve written here in the past, removing pesticides as a potential contributing factor may be premature.   If a scientist is funded by Bayer, the lightning rod attracting copious attention with their pesticide products that have been linked with negatively impacting hive populations in the past, then may not the scientist be motivated to find a cause rooted in a non-pesticide source?

Here’s Dave’s post (thanks again Dave) and I urge you all to read both articles and make up your own minds.

Please also read these two articles in sequence:
“Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery”
“What a scientist didn’t tell the New York Times about his study on bee deaths”



Fungus and virus to blame for CCD? Article discusses findings.

The Harvest (Explored)Interesting findings in the quest to find contributing factors regarding CCD – Colony Collapse Disorder- discussed today in this article.

Story at the Washington Examiner

Hope all is well with all of you!


Bees ready for their close-up: macro bee photography.

Interesting article on super magnified ‘bee parts’ – amazing photography. Here’s the article on

Video ready – fifth hive inspection

Here it is! The edited video from our hive inspection over the weekend. I check the honey super as well as start into the hive body. It was a fun (and hot) afternoon – a bit abbreviated as the light began to fail as was my smoker. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

High Def (high quality version)

Standard Def (standard quality)

Direct link to the video is here

Next one to follow – the full breakdown of the hive body, frame by frame. I’m hoping to get that one over this weekend if possible.


Inspection done- video to come!

sunflowersHey all! FOTB Greg and I did a nice hive inspection over the weekend and we did a full video of our time out there. Mrs Beekeeper was also in attendance. We had a few surprises in there – can’t wait for you all to see what we saw.
I hope to have the video rendered either Today or tomorrow for you.

So, anyone do a honey harvest this year?


What? No way! More?? Me?

Ok folks.. ‘when it rains it pours’ I guess.. Since I wrote that upbeat last message, I have survived completely unexpected surgery. (!!!) Completely unexpected. A visit to a specialist for one thing turned into an early morning scheduled surgery two days later.


I’m fine though! That was last week- a number of pain meds helped. 🙂

FriendOfTheBees Greg will be joining me on Friday to do a long overdue hive inspection to see what is going on in the honey super. We will be filming for all of you to see.

Glad to be back upright and on the go again.

How have your hives performed this summer?

Sorry for the sporadic updates folks. Good to be back.


Urban Swarm in London and a quick update

Universal Studios - The Blues Brothers´ carHello all! Quick shout out to you all. I am alive and well – I know it’s been a while since the last SBK update. Between getting the tree cleared in the back yard, nasty weather and an emergency root canal (ouch) life has taken some weird turns recently. I’ve taken plenty of pics of my adventures in tree removal so I’ll have some of those for you all soon – and I’m ready for a new podcast recording session this weekend (!)

In the meantime, check this story out! A honeybee swarm on the corner of Wardour Street and St Anne’s Court.

Regards all!


Cell phones tied to bee decline?

Disturbing experiment driven conclusions… Cell phone frequencies can disrupt hive behavior -worrisome to say the least. Story at CNN