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Subscribe to this podcast with iTunes

New Podcast Episode – Installing the Bees and more

I just uploaded a new episode of the podcast – This episode focuses on installing the package of bees- steps to do before opening the package as well as the actual installation. Remember, use the links on the right to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or use the other link to subscribe to whatever other mp3 player you use.

Here is the link right to the podcast in iTunes: – even if you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to the podcast right on this page.

(I’ve a bit of a cold, so please excuse the occassional sniffling. 🙂 I tried to edit them to a minimum. )

I’ve asked a few questions in this episode of you, the listener -about using gloves, opening the queen’s cage and more. Listen to the episode and I’d love to get your thoughts on these issues.  Use the feedback option up top or comment on this post to provide your insights – I’ll include your responses in the next episode. If you use the voicemail option at 215-385-5233, I may even play your message in the next podcast!

Hope you enjoy the episode – I’ve tried to make the audio quality better.

[4/12/2010: NOTE: I’ve edited the audio- I realized that the music track exported louder than I anticipated, so if you have downloaded the podcast and couldn’t really hear me, please grab this updated copy. ]



1 comment to New Podcast Episode – Installing the Bees and more

  • everet

    I am a beginning beekeeper, and I never have used gloves. I also rarely use a veil when I am just opening the top of my hive to check the feed. From what I have seen, most beekeepers don’t use gloves after they have been doing this for a while.
    Keep up the great blog and podcast!

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