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New hive inspection video – and new poll!

Inside Bloor CinemaHello all! Yesterday was a great day – warm and sunny. Had a great visit with the bees. Lots of activity and yes, many more bees are in the hive now. FOTB Greg was there to capture the action as we did a full hive inspection frame by frame. Mellie makes an appearance, as well as some burr comb. I added the second hive body so ‘Mellie’s House’ is fully complete.


Link to the video at YouTube directly here
Also, I added a new poll on the side – about how you feel about bees / beekeeping in your own lives. Please take a second to record your thoughts / opinions for all of us to see!

Hope all is well with all of you – If you have a moment, let me know your thoughts on the video and on the podcast.. I’ve been tweaking sound settings and would love to know what you think.



4 comments to New hive inspection video – and new poll!

  • michelle

    Love this! Thanks for sharing.
    Is that stuff hanging off the bottom of the frame burr comb? I still don’t know what I’m looking for when it comes to that stuff?

  • Yep, it was.. They had added a good amount on that frame.. You can see me removing a bunch that they had connected between two frames. I removed the clumps from the bottom of the frames too… Just didn’t make it into the video. Unfortunately YouTube limit of ten mins means a lot of editing. 🙂


  • I was wondering what kind of bees are you using. I had used Italians and my local beekeeping association was trying to get their members to convert over to Russians. The Italians were mean! They’d attack the smoker.

    • My girls are Italian- and they are very gentle. I’m sure they vary from family to family though 🙂

      Are you using a very cool smoke? I know that if the smoke is still very warm, the bees are threatened by it. I’ve had success with dry leaves as a tinder, some rotted wood and rolled up cardboard. After getting that going I let it die out and then it smolders as a cool white smoke. I’m looking forward to trying burlap though.



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