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Hive visit update – found an mistake!

Hello all –

I deleted all my photosI took a trip out to the hive Friday afternoon- FOTB* Greg went along to film the trip, so we’ll have a nice new video up for you pretty soon – I wanted to fill you all in on a bit of info that may be very important.

See, I made a ‘boo-boo’. And I want you to know asap, in case you try and do something I was doing.

Turns out that I improperly installed the top feeder on the top of the hive.  If you have been following along with the site from the beginning you may have noticed.

When I initially installed the top feeder and the hive, if you remember I had the vent frame directly below the top feeder. (It looked like a few circle holes cut out on each side, with screening on the inside.

(If you look at the hive install video or the pictures from that post, you can see the ‘smiling hive’ with the vent frame)

Soon afterwards, I made the mistake. I removed the hive vent frame and installed the top feeder directly on top of the hive body.

See, it looks fine from the outside. Today I realized the mistake however during the hive inspection.

I removed the top feeder to empty it out, dump out the few drowned bees and ants, and refill it. I noticed while I was returning the top feeder to the hive that the bottom of the feeder was right against the top of the foundation frames (!) – there was really no room for the bees to walk over the top of the frames  – to move among the frames they would have to move down to the bottom of the frames and climb back up.

Well, I put the vent back on and replaced the feeder.

Look for the video to come soon! FOTB Greg had come to the rescue and used his video camera when the suburban beekeeper video camera ended up with a dead battery (heheh) so we should have his video pretty soon.  I should be a pretty good video too – I went through many frames and we have some good (hopefully) video of the queen making her way around the frame.  Don’t forget to send feedback with your recommendations for her name.

Take care!


*FOTB – Friend of The Bees 🙂

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