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First honey super on!

under fog and constructionHowdy all! I added the first honey super today. I rushed to build one quickly and get the frames together, so I don’t have any pics of the construction (I knew I had to get this super on asap) – I will take pics and vid of the second one as I build it so you can see how that goes together.

I just put the super on the hive a few moments ago – I’m looking forward to see how things go over the next week. Looking forward to that hive visit! I’ll be sure to video that one.  (Confession time – I didn’t gear up or smoke the hive to put this on- I just quickly pulled the feeder and vent frame off, popped the queen excluder and super on then replaced the vent and feeder.  A bit scary as they were very active this afternoon – we’ve had great warm weather. )

Have any of you put a super on so far? I’m surprised that I’m having such production already this season – first year! I had already resigned myself to not getting any overage till next year.. but they have a bunch stored in the two hive bodies and they are looking for room to expand. 🙂

Regards all,


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