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Assembling a hive body box (Photos)

Here are a series of pics that I took while I was putting together the hive body box. I hope this helps anyone who needs to do this as well. I tried to incorporate some ‘best practices’ – let me know if you believe I need to update my instructions. (Also – these pics are thumbnails that you can click to view the ‘high def’ version of them to see better detail.)

Here are the pieces and tools that you will need: the boards that comprise the hive body (these have box joints on them, yours may not have this type of joinery), wood glue, nails.

First, you need to generously slather glue on any parts that will be touching when assembled…

I picked up some of these disposable mini foam paintbrushes for something like 7 for a dollar somewhere- they work great for reaching into the crevices for gluing joints.

Next, gently tap the joints together with your hammer, carefully aligning the parts.

Then, clamp the box – being sure that the sides are square…

Nail away – with my box joints, I placed a nail in every ‘finger’ on both sides. The glue plus the nails should hold all of this together.

And all complete!

Hope this helps someone out there! How do you assemble your boxes? A different technique? Questions? Add a comment below!

3 comments to Assembling a hive body box (Photos)

  • Kendal Smucker

    Your photos presuppose that pilot holes are pre-drilled in the finger joints by the mfr. This is not done by every mfr. If the mfr. does not make them, the beekeeper-assembler needs to do it. Galvanized, thin nails are good for bee box bodies, since they are out in the weather. I liked your sponge paint brushes, though. I had always used Q-tips. The sponge paint brushes are better. Question: do they still get into frame parts when it comes time to assemble those, too?

    • Howdy – agreed, some mfrs don’t use that technique. As for the brushes, yep, they’re great – I shot some video here on the site for assembling the frames. I was using the foam brushes for them but at some point I found that just tipping the gorilla glue bottle tip into the frame joints worked just as well.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Hi, first of all great site:) You have a lot of work with this kind of system. If u are interested how I Assemble LR hive you can read this article -> Šablona za nakladni panj ( Best regrards from cold Slovenia!

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